professional personal statements editor

My Professional Roles and Contributions

1. Leader

  • A pioneering member of the development team of King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC)
  • Director and Fellow, Global Energy Markets and Economics Research, KAPSARC
  • Director and Fellow, Energy Markets Policy and Strategic Research, KAPSARC
  • Director, Energy and Environmental Technology Research, KAPSARC
  • Initiator and implementer of the Visiting Fellowship/Professorship Program at KAPSARC
  • Initiator and implementer of the Energy & Economics Capacity-Building Program, and the Young Researchers Development Program at KAPSARC
  • Initiator and implementer of the Knowledge Exchange & Transfer Programs at KAPSARC
  • Group Lead, Reservoir Management Applications, Saudi Aramco
  • Project lead of Abqaiq gas-cap oil field development using, for the first time of this type of Saudi Aramco fields, horizontal wells and measuring while drilling technologies.
  • Contributed in the following integrated fields development studies at Saudi Aramco:
  • Ghawar oil field (The world’s largest onshore oil field)
  • Safaniyah field (The world’s largest offshore oil field)
  • Shaybahoil field development (One of most challenging field development due to harsh and remote area)
  • Abqaiq Field (The most mature field of Saudi Arabia fields)
  • Hawtah field development (The lightest and sweetest crude oil of Saudi Aramco fields)
  • Manifa field development (The largest oil increment added to Saudi Aramco production capacity)

2. Innovator

  • Granted one U.S. patent. Al-Fattah, S.M. (2013). Patent No. 8,510,242. Artificial Neural Network Models for Determining Relative Permeability of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs. USA: United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Intelligent Relative Permeability Lab System (iLab©)
  • Intelligent Global Energy Market Analytics Center (iMarket©)
  • Authenticated Business Code Document (ABCD©)
  • The 7Ps Corporate Business Framework Model (7Ps Model©)
  • Accredited Capacity-Building Program (ACBP©)
  • Projects Initiation and Prioritization Strategic Initiative (PIPSI©)
  • Developer of the GANNATS Model referring to Genetic-Algorithms Neural-Networks Approach for Time Series
  • Developer of the MulticyclicModeling Approach; a new generalized and modified Hubbert model.
  • Founder of the SPE Students Chapter at KFUPM, and served as President (1990-1994)

3. Author

  • Authored/coauthored three books:
  1. Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining Applications in the E&P Industry,
  2. Carbon Capture and Storage: Technologies, Policies, Economics, and Implementation Strategies,
  3. Innovative Methods for Analyzing and Forecasting World Gas Supply.
  • Authored/coauthored 40+ papers. See Publications section for details.
  • Recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Technical Editor of Energy Policy journal
  • Recipient of the 2013 Outstanding Technical Editor of J. of Natural Gas Science and Engineering
  • Recipient of the 2011 Outstanding Technical Editor for the special issue of “Artificial Intelligence and Petroleum Analytics,” published by J. of Natural Gas Science and Engineering.
  • Recipient of the Best Top 10% of Authors on Social Science Research Network (SSRN) by all-time downloads, since 2015 onward.

4. Speaker

  • 2019 KSA Strategic Innovation Forum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dec. 1-2.
  • 2019 2nd Artificial Intelligence Week in Middle East, Dubai, UAE, Sep. 9-10.
  • 2013 Oil Price Forecasts and Trends, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM), Milan, Italy, May 23-24.
  • 2011 1st KAPSARC Energy Dialogue, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 20-22.
  • 2011 Saudi Career Fair, Saudi Embassy, Washington DC, USA, June 16.
  • 2010 KAPSARC Job Fair, London, April.
  • 2010 Petroleum Metric Forum, Stanford U.-KAPSARC, Washington DC, USA, Sep. 16-17.
  • 2008-2013 Ambassador Speaker of KAPSARC: From Ideation to Development
  • 2007 SPE Offshore Europe, Aberdeen, UK.
  • 2007 SPE Middle East Oil Show and Conference (MEOS), Manama, Bahrain.
  • 2006 SPE Intelligent Energy Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • 2006 SPE Saudi Arabia Annual Technical Symposium, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.
  • 2005 SPE/EAGE reservoir Characterization and Simulation Symposium, Dubai, UAE.
  • 2005 SPE International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC), Doha, Qatar.
  • 2000 SPE/CERI Gas Technology Symposium, Calgary, Canada.
  • 1999 SPE Eastern Regional Meeting, Charleston, WV, USA.